About us

About us

The Norwegian Moose Center is a small visitor center with an enclosure of living moose. The center is attached to the Campus Evenstad, Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences. Our vision is to make it possible for everyone to experience a close and safe encounter with living moose, but also to share fascinating and informative research outcomes from projects running here at the university with our visitors.


Norwegian Moose Centre was first established in 2006, located at Gravberget (Våler). After going bankrupt in 2012 the moose were sold and brought to their new home here at Evenstad in Stor-Elvdal county in 2013.

It was not until 2016 that we started to work on opening a Moose Centre, so that visitors can experience the moose and at the same time get knowledge about both moose and ecology.

We are constantly working on developing and wish to present brand new research information for our visitors.

The place – Evenstad

Evenstad is a very small place next to the river Glomma and known for its bridge and the University Campus Evenstad of the Inland Norway University of Applied sciences. Here researchers and students are studying subjects in wildlife management, ecology and forestry.

The moose centre is a part of Campus Evenstad. Veterinarians employed at the University are taking care of our moose’s health, whereas (former) students are responsible for the daily feeding. During summer students studying nature guiding and ecology are guiding our guests.


Project manager: Madlaina Bichsel
Phone: +47 41585141
E-mail: madlaina.bichsel@inn.no