The knowledge-path

The knowledge-path

Evenstad is one of two campuses affiliated with the Department of Applied Ecology and Agricultural Sciences, the smallest department at Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences.

Here at our new Moose Center we want to share knowledge that we have.

There will be a path that goes from entrance to the moose, and along this path there are 15 handmade signs that will give you a little bit of information. When you use your QR-code-reader on your phone you will be send to our website that contains more information about the certain subject.

QR-code not attached to the sign yet

So if you have a smartphone and don’t have a QR-code-reader app, please download it from the app-store (also free of charge).

Some of the information you get from the signs are basic, and some are straight from the scientists here at Evenstad.

At the end of the path Ronja and Idun will be waiting for you