The moose

The moose


by Ada Viljanen (August 2019)

Idun is the darkest of our moose and got more marked white dots. She is more approachable than Ronja and likes to interact with people, she enjoys being stroked by the vets – especially on her head, ears and the neck. During the winter she is even keener to cuddle with the vets.


Depending on season you will find our moose either in the “summer-” or “winter- enclosure”. Both enclosures can be divided in two, if there is a need to divide the animals (because of illness or treating only one of the moose). The summer enclosure is about 4.4 ha with some forest patches in the very south and north. The winter enclosure, where you will find the moose most of the time, is about 3 ha and in the middle of the nearby pine forest.


At Evenstad there are some of the best vets in wildlife and they have the responsibility for the moose welfare. We can ensure that our moose are in the best hands if anything would happen, like calving.